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15 comments November 16, 2009

Summer School

Hi everyone its me. I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting blogs, I’ve been busy of course….

Anyways ummm I have been going out on auditions but not so much anymore because of the actor’s strike… :/ So other than that I have had summer school, which is very fun!Β  It’s not hard and the only reason I have it is because my mom wanted me to have extra credits :). She thought it was a good idea and it is!!! It’s way fun, some of my friends go there and of course I’ve made new friends like: Cassie, David, Mina, and lots others and I have my bestfriends Cayla, Lexie and Ashley oh and Dana’s there.
Our teachers name is Mr. D, he’s so funny when he gets mad!! πŸ™‚ I love him he’s so nice and we always joke – shhh don’t tell but he told Lexie’s mom that me and her are his favorite students!! πŸ™‚
There are also these little helpers – Ms.Ashley (I love her she’s my favorite!!!!!) Mr.Mitch (I love him!!! he rocks!) and Ms.Dana (she’s cool!) So I have been busy! Don’t think I’m just putting you guys off!! NEVER!! πŸ™‚

Also, when I have had spare time I have made two videos on youtube with my best friend Tiffany, so check us out at It’s the Parker and Tiffany Show! Post comments or send us a message giving us ideas for new shows!! πŸ™‚ Tiffany just left to go to Maryland and im very sad. I miss her soooo much!! So I’ll be> > making some videos by myself and when she comes back we will be making tons more!! Promise!! πŸ™‚

Wow, that’s a lot of typing hahah πŸ™‚ Ummm well I’m going to go watch 10,000 b.c with my mom right now.Β  I heard it was a really good movie so you know I gotta watch it!! πŸ™‚

Okaiii, I love all of you guys!! Thanks for reading xoxoxox_Parker Mckenna Posey πŸ™‚

P.S (there is always a p.s!! πŸ™‚ hahah) Okaii umm dont forget to watch Tiff and I on youtube!!! Please and commment!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!! Love you! πŸ™‚ xoxox

83 comments August 1, 2008

The Kierrah Foundation

Hey guys, it’s me Parker!!

I’m sooo sorry I haven’t written in a long time!!! When I say I have been busy, I have been BUSY!!! Hahahah, I have missed writing to you guys though!!

Well, I have lots of news, like….. well school is so much fun I have made so many new friends!! Imani (mono) Hassani (sausage) Cayla, Tiffany, Alexis, Lexie and many others. I still have the same BFF, Desiree!!
But, school has been fun and crazyy! Hahah I have to keep them grades up!! It’s pretty hard but I’m only in 7th and I know it’s going to get even harder!!

Also, I have been making special appearances for this one very special foundation called The Kierrah Foundation. The first time I went wasn’t that long ago, and I just signed autographs and read to the children, it was soo much fun! I was very grateful to have done that. The second time was last Saturday. I helped set up Easter baskets with the children, signed autographs and took pictured with the kids, which was loads of fun!! You can visit there site at to find out more about what they do!
The place that we were at was called the Institute of Musical Arts which was amazing. The Founder of The Kierrah Foundation, BRANDI was sooo nice and they were planning to redesign the building and make it so much more beautiful and they are putting little stars like out on Hollywood Blvd and I was very blessed to get the first star there outside!! I was just sooo happy!! It was awesome!

Soo, that’s what I have been up to! I hope all of you guys are doing great, I love you guys!! Thanks for all the comments!! Hee :]

Parker Posey :]
A.K.A Apple Coco (My new nickname hahah hope yew like it!! :])


41 comments March 30, 2008

A Little Update

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t written in a longggggggg time, really I am!!!! :L (If ur wondering wat the L means in the smiley well it’s drool!! Lolzzzzz!!

Well I have been really busy with work – I have been auditioning and doing tons of school. I started 7th grade and I lovvvvveeee lovvvvveeeee it!!!!!! I have new friends
like IMANI, DANA, CAYLA (CAY CAY), ARRAYA, ALEXIS AND TIFFANY!! Lol I love them and of course I still have the same bestest friend in the whole world, Desiree!! Heeheee.

Well school is great, I like History and Teen Issues!! All my other classes are great but History is my favorite subject!!!Β  My latest audition was for Cedric the Entertainer’s new show and I have my 4th call back on Thursday sooo please wish me luck because I really, really, really want this!!!! It would be SO fun!!

I just got back from seeing my other best friend Samantha, who I have known for like 985762583469 years lolzz, no jk only 5 lol.

Oh yeah, the Alice premiere is really soon, like in 2 weeks and I can’t wait!!!! I’m SO excited!!!

Well, I have to go study for a Science test!!! Lolzz I procastinate so I thought I would write a blog first, but now I really gotta study!!

Okay, comment me, ask questions if you need advice or anything!!!!

ILY guys!!!!! Bibi :L

51 comments October 2, 2007

I Graduated Elementary!

Hey Guys! I’m soooo sorry for like not writin in a long time! Really truly!

Well how have all of yew been? I have been koo and I hope yew have been the same Tomorrow I will be shootin a commercial! And on Fri too!

I am at my sisters house right now and we were jus watchin ummm SHES THE MAN!! I love that movie! Now we are watchin fantastic 4! The first one!

I have excitin news tho, it happened like ummm 1 month ago but I graduated from elementary!! I was sooooo happy! Omig anyways when I went to the stage to get my little thing lol I was like yayayayay and then I put up the rockstar sign, it was awesome. There’s some pics from the day at the end of this blog.

I have to gooooo guyss I’m sorry. I have to take a shower, I’m stinky lol and I have to go somewhere with my sisters.

ILYG (I love yew guys)

Love, Parker Mckenna Posey!!!

Pics from my graduation – you have to click on them to see them bigger.

This was before we sang the song YOU GOTTA BE by Des’ree


My aunt angee, mee and my mom


Me and my mom


82 comments July 13, 2007

Giffoni Festival Awards

Hey guys I’m so sorry, I have been so busyy doin school and some other things!

I was a guest speaker at the Giffoni Festival Awards on Saturday 04/28/07, it was so kewl! I loved it and I had so much fun, especially with my new friends Dillon (I’m not so sure if I spelled it right lol… ignore) Nelson, Hailey, everyone! We danced and had so much fun I loved it!

Check out these pics from the awards!

parkergiffoni1.jpg parkergiffoni2.jpg

U can see more at or Just click on the links and it will take you to the pics! Amber will also be putting some of the pics on my site soon!

Omig skool has been fun, I’m gettin those A’s lol! Well I have to go to the hospital for my grandpa.

KENDRA: I’m so proud of u still lol!

Oh, for anyone who is wondering, my modeling agent is OSBRINK!


94 comments May 1, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Hey Guys it’s Easter! Yeaaaaaa!!

Omig I love it, all of my family is over!!

HAPPY EASTER, be safe and have lots of fun and everything because u kno!!!!

Kkk well I g2g, love all of u guys!

Biii, Parker

21 comments April 8, 2007

That Girl

Hey guys sorry I haven’t written in a while.

I’m so sorry I have been with my God Sistahs and just hangin out and stuff. I went to skool with my sis and we had so much fun everyone was so kewl there I was like, I wanna go to this skool! Lol there are some really nice ppl there. This kid named Mathew, Juju, and JENNET!!! She’s
so funny whenever I talk to her I can’t stop laughin!!

I was just cleaning the house, well, my room and stuff. I’m waitin till 3:30 to watch the new episode of the Real World!! I can’t wait it’s 2:25 right now so like 1hr and 5 mins!! See I can do math!!! lol I’m sooo kewl lol jkjkjk, I’im a nerd.

Yesterday I spent the night over my best friends house, ASH! It was so much fun! but my stomach starting hurting and hers too so we were like we have the flu lol! I’m like I better not have it, I just got over it like last week and I still have the
sniffles! Lol!!

Ummm ok there is this new song called ‘That Girl’ by NLT!!! I love it!!! I can’t even
explainΒ  how much I love that song it makes me so happy!!!! So u guys should buy it on itunes!!
It’s so good, my sis knows the guys Travis, Kevin, V and JJ so she showed me the vid and I freaked!!! Lol I love the dance in the vid too, it’s so hot!! Lol I loves it!!!

Ok well I g2g, and another thing, do any of u guys watch The-N? Well I do, my fav show is ‘Instant Star’ and it is so good!! A new episode comes on today, I can’t wait to watch it!!!

Kkk, love u guys and I mean that!!! Kkk love u biii!!!

_that girl!!!_

15 comments April 6, 2007

Blonde Moments

Hey guys!

Hey ppl it’s Parker lol I feel so stupid sayin that because like duh who else would it be? Lol well like I had no skool today so I went to my Aunt’s house and she’s moving like a block away and so I helped her move in! It was fun, she was happy I came! I was happy I went to!!!!

Rite now I am well writin lol man I have my blonde moments lol ok. Well everyone that has been writin comments, thanks so much!! I never thought I would be a role model, that’s so kewl I loves it!!

Lol thats my thing now kk everyone ok I LOVES IT!!! lol I loves it ummm I am on aim talkin to my friends!!! Yea I’m an Auntie I already told u!! Lol I have been really boring theses days man umm I love to listen to music and sing so like I always listen to music and write. I am listenin to ‘long way to go’ by Cassie, I love it, I mean I loves it lol and the video. Well the song is old but I loves it!! ‘Beautiful liar’ is gettin old because I was like the first person to hear it and now it’s like all popular and stuff!! NOOOOOO MY FAV SONG IS ‘LOST WITHOUT U’ BY ROBIN THICKE OMIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG LIKE U DON’T EVEN KNO!!!! OK I THINK I SHOULD STOP U GUYS WILL BE LIKE OMG SHE’S CRAZEEE LOL!!!!

Well I really wanna kno who New York picks on the show, I like Chance, he’s kewl u kno and my favorite show is instant star omig I love her, she’s really good. I’m goin to learn her song on the guitar I can’t wait!!!

Lol ok well I’m sleepy its 11:11 lol that sounds weird lol ok well I’m goin to go I loves u guys biii!!!!!!!!!!!!!



43 comments March 24, 2007

I’m An Auntie!!

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I have so much new news so this will be a long one!

Ok, I have been sick I have no clue if it’s the flu or something but I have had it for 3 days! Wowowowozers! Lol and I have been out of school because of the sickness lol.

Omg this is so exciting ok my God Sistah Pahge just had a baby yesterday, she’s so beautiful she’s a gurl duh!!!! Lol but I was so happy, her name is Ka’Leey!!!! I luv her, I’m an auntie!!!

Kendra – that’s so kewl I can’t believe u lost 6 pounds thats so kewl, I wish I could do that lol but also I think it’s fine to have a little meat on your bones, u don’t always wanna look like a little pinky lol! But if that’s how u feel good that’s so great!!!!

I had my first guitar lesson on Monday! It was so kewl, I learned some chords! My teachers name is Lucas, he’s kewl 2.

I was just watchin I Love New York, omg It’s so funny! So out of the blue lol but umm I went broom balling with my friends Lindsay, Delany, Ash and Sydnee for our church, it was so much fun we won 7 to 1!! I was on the team with all of my friends, of course that’s how we won our hotness lol jkjkj!!

I g2g, I wanna see what happens on I Love New York!!!!




45 comments March 21, 2007






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